Thenticate is a technology that will change the commercial world.


Right now, people in developing countries (and developed ones too for that matter) have no way to be sure that the products they are paying for are not fakes. They must trust the seller, who in turn must trust the distributors, who in turn must trust their own channels of product acquisition. Too frequently there are individuals or organizations that discover how they can profit by introducing counterfeits into commerce.


Thenticate means to stop this.


The technology enables this by providing a unique, non-serial product authentication code that can be attached or printed on a product. When a customer goes to the manufacturer’s website and enters the code, they also provide a code of their own. Upon authentication, the product authentication code is modified with the customer’s own code and removed from the list of authentic codes.


One product authentication code allows the authentication of one product.


If the manufacture so allows, the combination of the one product authentication code and the customer supplied code can form a new product authentication code that will allow the customer to prove the authenticity of the product to a third party and, if desired, transfer that authentication to the third party.


For more details, consult the patent.


The Thenticate™ technology is cover by US Patent 8,566,598, issued Oct. 22, 2013.  You can review it here >